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You Willingly Got Back Into His Car? W/ Amanda Kingsmith & Ryan Ferguson

June 24, 2021


This week I welcome some very special people to the podcast. Please put your hands together for Amanda Kingsmith & Ryan Ferguson from the World Wanderers Podcast! 


Amanda and Ryan are dear friends that I met in Merida MX and I am so excited to have them here on the podcast.

Today we talk dive into...

  • Their travel journey as a couple
  • What their family has to say about their lifestyle
  • A messy shower situation in Mexico City
  • Their car breaking down in Chiapas 
  • Why they got back into a car with a crazy man and NO AC! 

I loved being able to sit down and talk about their sweatiest moments on the road over the past 10 years and I hope you enjoy the episode as much as we enjoyed recording it!


 Don't worry, we have a special intro from yours truly...


I chat about my birthday plans and how I made $23 dollars at my sister's graduation party (because I know you're curious). I also remind you to PLEASE go leave a voicemail here with all of your sweaty stories so I can play them on the podcast! If you don't want to send a voicemail feel free to shoot an email over to and I will read them!


Want more of Amanda and Ryan? Follow them here


Instagram: @theworldwandererspodcast

Spotify: @theworldwandererspodcast

Website: @theworldwanderers


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I appreciate all my sweaty people and can't wait to share more of my travels with you on Instagram @thesweatytraveler!


Until next time... stay sweaty!








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