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You Were Chased Out Of An Ikea? With Jordan and KT Morgan From On Arrival!

May 31, 2021



In today's episode, I catch you up on life back in the US and walk you through my lost air conditioner (HINT: someone stole it). 


I am excited to have two incredible guests join me to chat about everything travel. From living in Russia during a global pandemic to traveling as a couple and their favorite places to visit together.


Jordan and KT walk us through what Russia is really like, what it's been like to live in seven different countries, and a true James Bond experience they encountered while trying to buy Christmas ornaments at an Ikea. 


If you loved today's episode, you're in luck! Jordan and KT are launching their BRAND NEW PODCAST TOMORROW! Be sure to follow @onarrivaltravel on all social media platforms and subscribe to their new podcast anywhere you're listening to this podcast right now!


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Thank you for listening and until next time... STAY SWEATY!


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