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You Travel With An Espresso Machine? W/ Anna Faustino

June 8, 2021



In today's episode of The Sweaty Traveler, we welcome ANNA FAUSTINO who is currently in Nicaragua but never really stays in one place for too long. I met this beautiful human while living in Merida Mexico and now I feel like I have gained another lifelong friend. I know you're going to love this episode!


Anna is a travel blogger who teaches other bloggers how to make a profit from their passions. She is the co-founder of Adventure in You, she's been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo Travel, and many many more! 


Today we talk about...


  • How Anna met her long-term boyfriend while backpacking 
  • A tuk-tuk adventure, very similar to a miniature version of The Amazing Race
  • Why she and her BF travel with an ENTIRE espresso machine (Sweaty Traveler Approved)
  • How she made a career and lifestyle out of traveling 

and of course, all her sweaty travel moments in between. 


You'll also get an update on why I got banned (YES BANNED) from TikTok and a general Mack life update. Don't forget to leave a sweaty travel story in our NEW VOICEMAIL INBOX HERE and I will play it on the pod!


I hope you love this episode as much as I loved recording it. If you want more of Anna, here is where you can find her...



Instagram: @itsannafaustino

Blog: Adventure in You

Blogging Course: Blogging Fastlane


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