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You Saw A Grown Man Shitting In A Warehouse? Mack and @Chloemmons take on Cincinnati

February 3, 2021

The Sweaty Traveler is back for another episode with one of your favorite guests CHLOE EMMONS! AKA the owner of Potion Matcha Bar, my PCH travel companion, and truest friend. 

We were only gone for 36 hours but it wouldn't be a trip without some sweaty moments.  We saw a grown man shitting, almost got in a fistfight at Goodwill, and ate tacos out of a convenience store.

The real reason we drove to Cincinnati so Chloe could try my favorite Pretzel and when we arrived... THEY WERE OUT! Talk about a bummer...

We chat about our favorite places, activities, food, beer, coffee, and a real-time segment where I try passionfruit for the first time. 

Did we get our pretzel? Why did we see a grown man on the toilet? What could possibly entice a fight at a Goodwill? You'll have to listen to find out! We promise you won't regret it (for the most part). 

Are ya ready? Let's Get Sweaty!

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Parlor Pizza Project- NEW SHOP OPENING SOON!

Madtree Brewery- My favorite Ohio beer

Wonderbar- THE BEST PRETZEL I'VE EVER HAD (you must get the beer cheese). 

Gutierrez Deli- Amazing tacos (3 for 9 dollars)

Oakley Wines- Amazing Wine Collection

Sleepy Bee Cafe- Good breakfast, vibes, and cute stickers

Lost + Found- Cool bar with a fun atmosphere



Pixel 19

Record Store



NY TIMES-Piece of PCH falls into Ocean

Chloe's Business Potion Matcha Bar






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