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You Hiked 17 Miles in Chaco’s? My Top 10 Travel Moments!

January 27, 2021

I'M BACK!!!!!

Did you miss me? I missed all my favorite sweaty travelers. But don't worry because The Sweaty Traveler is back and better than ever. In today's episode, I am rambling on about my Top 10 Favorite Travel Moments. 

From hiking 17 miles in BRAND NEW Chaco's (which don't recommend) to cliff diving with an Italian Grandma in Italy, I share it all!  

If you were hoping for a guest and/or well-organized episode this might now be the one for you, but if you love the real and the sweaty be sure to hit the play button and relive some of my best travel stories. 

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Thank you to all of my listeners for being patient and DM'ing me to get back to podcasting. Want to share you favorite travel moments sweaty or not? Email to be featured on the pod! 

Ok... are we ready.... LET'S GET SWEATY!


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Travel Info:

Harry Potter Studio London

Best Hostel I've Ever Stayed In-Florence

Creepy Mountain Town Lodge


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