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You Didn’t Tell Your Girlfriend You Were Going to the Dominican Republic? W/ Giulio Gallarotti

March 15, 2021

On this week's episode of The Sweaty Traveler Podcast, we have none other than comedian, actor, podcast host, and sweaty traveler, GIULIO GALLAROTTI!


Giulio understands "sweaty travel" and gives us his best stories including forgetting to tell his girlfriend about his trip to the Dominican Republic, getting stuck in Russian "travel jail" (my words not his), hiking hungover in South Africa, and many many more. 


In this episode we literally talk about EVERYTHING travel, we chat about...

  • The difference between vacation, urban travel, and adventure travel
  • Russian Visas
  • Solo traveler personality types (wildcards, shy guys, the chatty Kathy)
  • Giulio's experience living in Jordan and how he ended up there
  • What counts as visiting a country (HINT: airports don't count)
  • His road trip throughout the US 
  • Where to next???

Are you ready? Let's Get Sweaty!


This was such a fun episode and I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording. Be sure to check out Giulio's podcast(s) Pack Light and Oops and follow him on Instagram @notjulio


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