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They Thought Your Passport Was Fake? W/ Jessica Kapusta

March 26, 2021

On this week's episode, we have none other than Jessica Kapusta. Our very first repeat guest!


I wanted to have Jessica back on the podcast to have a very important conversation. I wanted to discuss the experience of traveling as a person of color.


I, as a white woman, can say I travel with a certain level of privilege I honestly wasn't even aware of. It's not Jessica's job to educate us on what it's like to travel as a black woman but we both know how important it is to have these conversations. In the episode about sharing your experience so others know they aren't alone and showcasing how travel can be different for everyone.


I am by no means perfect and this is not the end of conversations like these, but the beginning. It's important for me to keep educating myself on these topics and grow as a person and it's my hope that our conversation today can do that for all of you. 


I'll let the episode speak for itself and have Jessica take it from here! 


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and be sure to reach out to either of us to continue the conversation!


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